Services we offer

✅ Full-Line Installation
✅ Pre-Plumbed Installation
✅ Disconnect & Reconnect
✅ Disposal
✅ Re-bed resin
✅ Re-build Control Valve
✅ Re-Plumb
✅ Retrofit additional filtration
✅ Salt Delivery

Residential Water Softener Service and Repair in San Antonio

Even the most sophisticated San Antonio residential water softener system will work only as well as its condition permits. If your system develops a mechanical issue, it can’t deliver the results you expect. Fortunately, The Water Man can troubleshoot your system and make any necessary xies to restore it to peak performance.

Need service on a water softener system that you didn’t buy from us? No problem. Most San Antonio water softener system providers will only work on their own installations of products from a limited range of manufacturers. Here at The Water Man, we’re happy to work on a variety of products and systems — and we have the skill and expertise to handle a wide range of problems. Give us a call whenever you need repairs, maintenance, or installation.


What’s Included In A Service Call?

✅ Visual Inspection
✅ Test Water Hardness/Softness
✅ Reset Clock
✅ Run System Through
✅ Regeneration cycle if needed.
✅ Check Settings
✅ Check Float Assembly
✅ Check Function
✅ Check Cycles
✅ Check Brine Fittings
✅ Check Drain Flow
✅ Check For Leaks
✅ Reprogram Computer

Systems that we work on: 

Sears , Kenmore, GE, Whirlpool, Aquativa, Aqua Fusion, Culligan, Green Water, Elite Water, Eco Water, Alamo Water, Water Resources International, Hydroquad, Fleck, Clack, Charger, Watts, Gaines Water, Texas Water, Rainsoft, River City, Jason's Water, Biotech, Hydrotech, Canature, Pentair, Novo, and more!

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