Well Water Analysis in San Antonio

Water from a private well can contain thousands of contaminants that can harm you, your family, or your employees. Purifying this water requires much more robust treatment techniques and equipment that you’d need for municipal water.

The first step in purifying your well water involves conducting a thorough water quality analysis.

Once we know what’s in your water, The Water Man can design a custom water treatment system to get rid of those troublesome contaminants and provide you with safe, healthy well water. Call The Water Man to schedule your well water analysis today!


The Water Man can test for a number of common well water contaminants, including:

✅ Coliform Bacteria
✅ E. Coli
✅ Fluoride
✅ Chloride
✅ Nitrate
✅ Sulfate
✅ Aluminum
✅ Arsenic
✅ Calcium
✅ Copper
✅ Iron
✅ Lead
✅ Magnesium
✅ Manganese
✅ Sodium
✅ Zinc

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