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Committed to Community Education: Our History, Mission, and Values

At The Water Man, with over 35 years of expertise in ensuring pure, safe, and high-quality water for San Antonio’s residents and businesses, we excel in servicing a wide range of water softener brands, prioritizing the repair and optimization of your existing system.


Our mission is to provide exceptional service and repair, as well as new installations for residential and commercial customers. We are driven by our core values of integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Team

Our team of water treatment experts



Meet Fred, our service and repair enthusiast! With years of hands-on experience in the water treatment industry, Fred has seen it all—or almost all, so if you’ve got a system he hasn’t met yet, he’d love an invite. Known as a water treatment cornerstone in San Antonio, his deep knowledge not only keeps us running smoothly but has also made him a go-to mentor in the community, having trained industry leaders in the area.



Introducing Tye, the educator at the core of our team. He’s devoted to demystifying water treatment for realtors and locals alike, offering clarity on the best practices and timing for various methods. Tye’s true passion lies in empowering customers through understanding, not just transactions, making every consultation an educational experience.


Customer Care Associate

Meet Sherri, our customer care star. She’s the warm voice and caring heart ensuring every client feels valued. Multitasking with grace, Sherri’s dedication and efficiency are key to our team’s success and top-notch service.


Office Manager

Meet Kyle, our versatile virtuoso who seamlessly dons multiple hats to keep our office humming. At the heart of his diverse skill set is a steadfast commitment to crafting a top-notch experience for every customer, whether they walk through our doors or our technicians walk through theirs. His multifaceted talents are the backbone of our seamless service.

San Antonio Residential and Commercial See what our customers say about us

raymond fuentes (Mortgage Lender)
raymond fuentes (Mortgage Lender)
I cannot express enough how delighted I am with the exceptional service provided by Tye and The Water Man. From the moment I started utilizing their services, they have consistently exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking prompt, reliable, and top-notch water. Five stars well-deserved! BOOM!
Marisol B
Marisol B
Product is wonderful & I’m happy I chose the Waterman. I had a problem with the installation location but Tye came out and offered me superior customer service. He went above & beyond and made sure I am a satisfied customer. I really appreciate the way he handled it.
Verónica Sánchez-Y.
Verónica Sánchez-Y.
Tye Washington is a great guy: knowledgeable and very professional in his job!
Migdalia Burns
Migdalia Burns
Mr. Tye explained the water softner system for me so I can explain it to my clients. Wow I never knew all of this. Water is important I always wondered I drink purified water but take a shower with regular water. Why? So now I will be prepared. Best Water Guy. Recommended.
Brianna Maldonado
Brianna Maldonado
I am very happy with the services we received from The Water Man company and would highly recommend them to others. From scheduling, to the quote, and the final install everything went very well. We had a difficult time finding a company to work on our Hydro-Quad water softener. Two other companies tried to sell us a new system but ours was only a few years old. The Water Man recommended a rebuild of the system and recommended a carbon tank to extend the life of our water softener. It was a much better solution than others had offered and we plan to use The Water Man for future maintenance and repairs. See below for before and after photo with the added carbon tank.
Jeana Lacy
Jeana Lacy
Tye the Water Guy is the utmost professional. If you're looking to be EDUCATED about the different systems, he's very knowledgeable and reasonably priced.
Courtney Amaya
Courtney Amaya
The best in business! Tye knows his product & can properly educate homeowners and industry professionals about the benefits of water softeners in South Texas
Cristian Montalvo
Cristian Montalvo
The Water Man is extremely knowledgeable in the water softner realm. They are experienced in education, installation, repair and maintenance. I highly recommend this business, their moral compass is in sync with their values I would recommend 10/10
Nala Cormier
Nala Cormier
We are thoroughly happy with our system. Our skin has felt the difference immediately. Would recommend Tye and his team to anyone.

Assessing and Fulfilling San Antonio's Water Treatment Needs

At The Water Man, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing and fulfilling customer needs for both service and installation. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-quality water treatment solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Service Excellence

We prioritize service excellence and customer satisfaction.

Expert Installations

Our team of experts ensures seamless installations.

Educating the Community

We are committed to educating the community about water treatment.

Expert Water Treatment for Residential and Commercial Use

Need help with water quality in San Antonio? The Water Man team is here for you! Whether it’s a new installation, maintenance, or just a quick question, we’re just a call or message away.


Reach out to us for friendly, expert advice on all your water needs – we’re eager to assist and ensure your water is just right!

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We're here to keep your water softener system working right

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