Introducing: PH 2 GO

The Water Man is proud to present our alkaline water store. You can now purchase reverse osmosis purified water and alkaline purified water at 7715 Mainland Dr., Suite 102.

Come refill your bottles or buy one from us!

Benefits of Alkaline

Now that our alkaline store is opened, it’s imperative that the water educators at The Water Man share with you the immense benefits of alkaline drinking water. Just for starters, here are 5 quick perks to drinking alkaline water:

  1. Alkaline water has ultra-hydrating properties as compared to normal water. This can be a beneficial drink for people who work out on a daily basis and require more amount of water in their body. Scientifically speaking, the water molecules in alkaline water are smaller and more readily absorbed by your cells, which help your body re-hydrate quickly.
  2. Alkaline water benefits also include boosting immunity. Your immune system may help neutralize the acidity in your body, which is caused by poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.
  3. Alkaline water is said to have various minerals like magnesium and calcium, both of which are important for maintaining healthy bones.
  4. Alkaline water has many potent antioxidants that help prevent the growth of cell damaging free radicals in the body, which can further rush up the aging process.
  5. One of the most important benefits of alkaline water is that it neutralizes the acidity in our body by lowering excessive acidic content in the stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.
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